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The Accounting Business Expo

Posted by Tax Debt Resolved on Mar 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM

The Accounting Business Expo 2018 was jam-packed with the world’s best solution providers. Combined with a range of talks, seminars and live demos, it was the ultimate platform to network with other ambitious minds. More than 4000 Accountants descended on the expo over 2 days and enjoyed networking with more than 150 exhibitors.

Debtstroyer Home Loans used the Accounting Business Expo as an opportunity to announce its partnership with Tax Debt Resolved. Together, the companies can offer a range of solutions for clients experiencing tax debt.

Debtstroyer Home Loans can offer a lending solution to pay for Tax Debts, even when the clients may be credit impaired or have previously tried to refinance but were declined. These lending solutions can also be combined with those offered by Tax Debt Resolved for a holistic tax debt solution.

Tax Debt Resolved is a team of specialist advisors and accountants who can help business owners and companies with their tax debt problems. The can work with clients to address their tax debt concerns while preserving their personal assets and achieving the best possible outcome.

Now with the ability to offer lending solutions through Debtstroyer Home Loans, this dynamic duo can help Accountants retain their clients through a lucrative referral partnership.

If you missed speaking to Debtstroyer Home Loans or Tax Debt Resolved at the Accounting Business Expo, feel free to get in touch with the forms on our website. We’ll be happy to help.

For more information on tax debt solutions, check out our tax debt page.

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